The power of allowing

Seed pod (floating)

Sometimes wisdom floats by in such a quiet and unassuming way that we risk missing the lesson.

I have the great fortune of being surrounded by winged creatures almost continuously when I walk at work. Butterflies, birds and my favorite: dragonflies.

Last Spring and Summer it seemed as though I had a dedicated dragonfly posse that accompanied me each time I walked. This year the dragonflies are still around, but I’ve noticed that when I am out and about, and even when I look out my large office window from the 2nd floor of the building, I see a “puffy“.

A “puffy” is what I call the rounded, floating seed pods that take flight this time of year. They are quiet, and quite easy to miss in the noise and activity of a typical day. I was watching one such “puffy” the other day outside my window and wondered aloud why I was seeing so many of them this year. I’d always been aware of them but this year I was actively seeing them – almost every time I turned around.

I have learned over the years that when something keeps popping up, I need to pay attention. So I took note of the ever-present puffies and began to ponder their meaning or message for me.

As I watched the different floating messengers, I noticed that their energy is quite passive. They accept any little breeze that blows by and just go with it. They don’t curl their shapes into a resistance stance or cling to their current location. They remain loose and round and just float on the breeze.

In my silent pondering of these gentle seeds, the word “allowing” came to me and I knew that was my message. This message in a different form came to me earlier this year and I shared it in a blog. When multiple messengers come bearing the same counsel, it’s time to pay attention!

When we realize that our plans and goals are not coming to fruition on the timeframe that we had hoped, our human instinct is to “dig in” and push harder. While hard work is certainly a foundation for success, we need to balance our physical efforts with our spiritual ones. The practice of allowing is an important spiritual tool.

No matter what it is that we have “planted” in our lives, we can benefit from learning how to allow as part of the creative process. When we feel the stress of trying to make something happen; taking a break and releasing our grip on whatever it is will help lower our stress, ease our minds, and relax the energy that is surrounding the issue or project we are working on. When we relax that energy we also open the space around us and allow for infinite possibilities to flow in our direction.

Some of my best ideas in life have come when I finally threw my hands up, said “that’s it!” and surrendered to the flow of life. Jobs, relationships and other life decisions have benefitted from me letting go, and allowing Infinite Intelligence to flow and guide my focus and path.

The next time you feel stress around trying to make something happen, practice the puffy stance, and feel the magic, the peace and the perfection of allowing.

(and if you need some help in adopting that “allowing” stance, sit back & let this Karen Drucker song ease you into it!)

(C) 2017 Practitioner's Path



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