Divine Right

When we teach the use of the Golden Thread to find lost items, we remind people that when something is ours by right of divine consciousness; it must return to us as that is the spiritual law.

Something that is not often discussed in this context is how this principle applies to more than lost money, jewelry or keys. It also applies to ideas, businesses and other forms of intellectual property.

I discovered this in an unintentional way a couple years ago. I had been asked to present to a local business group at the last minute, and decided to share Will Bowen’s Complaint Free World concept. It was instantly popular and for the next 2 years I was invited to speak at local, state and national conferences to share the Complaint Free concept.

I always presented it as Will Bowen’s idea, and described how I had seen it work in healthcare and other workplaces. Still, as popular as the talks became, it never felt “right” and it always ended up costing more money than I ever received for the talks. Even though I was being open about whose idea it was; sharing his website and encouraging people to get the Complaint Free World purple bracelets, the “energetic fit” was not there because the Complaint Free World energetically belongs to Will Bowen. It is his by right of divine consciousness.

I finally put it all together when I presented a new topic at another conference – a topic I developed in its entirety. It earned great accolades and an invitation to be a keynote speaker the following year. I realized that as wonderful as the Complaint Free World concept is, and as generous as I was in giving Will Bowen the credit; it was not my topic. There was an energetic mismatch between that idea and my success as a speaker, so while I could continue to go around and present Will’s topic; I would never succeed as I had done when I presented content, ideas – intellectual property – that was my own by divine right.

We are watching something similar happen “bigly” on the national scene. A person now inhabits 1600 Pennsylvania Ave and it is becoming clearer every day that he used questionable means to secure that address for himself. It is obvious to everyone with any kind of spiritual knowledge that the position he holds is most certainly NOT his by divine right because things would be going much differently for him if it were.

When we take something that very clearly belongs to someone else and we try to make it ours – even if we are being upfront about it – it’s like trying to pull off wearing someone else’s tailored suit. It’s either going to fit sloppily – like a child wearing his father’s suit – or we’re going to pop buttons and bust out the seams.

The pattern that guided the creation of that clothing was not made for us, so the fit will never be there. We can pin the suit, get it hemmed, or take it to a tailor to let out the seams but it will never really be our suit. It will be someone else’s suit that we are wearing.

The pattern that guides the creation of a tailored suit is like the energy someone puts into a project, a business or an idea. It is unique. And when we take someone else’s idea, business or concept and we try to make it our own – the results are the same. We look like we’re wearing someone else’s clothes – maybe not terrible, but not terrific either.

Apple (rainbow)There is an energy to ideas. There is power in the excitement that is generated as plans are made and things are built. So if we take someone else’s ideas and try to run with them as our own, the results never pan out.

There is no better example of this than the ouster of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, who was fired by the Apple board in 1985. He was brash, unpredictable, and they didn’t like his style. They thought they knew better.

But by 1997 Apple was losing the race to Microsoft and operating at a loss. The board realized that as unconventional as Jobs was in the corporate sense, they were on the fast track to failure without him. They re-hired him in August of that year, and the rest, they say, is history (you can read about that here).

If you know anything about Steve Jobs and Apple, you know that it was his energy that inspired the original computer that was built in a garage; his energy that brought the company forward, made it great, and ultimately saved it from becoming a footnote in history. Apple made great products; but they were unable to be successful without Steve Jobs, because the ideas were his by divine right.

When we find ourselves struggling with a project, a business idea or other endeavor and by all outward appearances, things should be working much more smoothly; the first thing we should do is an energetic assessment. If it’s ours by divine right of consciousness,…we can’t fail. And if we’re failing, we’ve taken ownership of something that wasn’t ours in the first place.

(C) 2017 Practitioners Path



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