The wisdom of patience

Originally published in June 2016

In his 1997 book, “Manifest Your Destiny”, Wayne Dyer shared principles of manifesting he studied and used throughout his life. His go- to processes for manifesting focused on meditation. Throughout his career he spoke often about the content in this book specifically, and in one  presentation he shared this wisdom: 

“Infinite patience produces immediate results.”

At face value, this phrase is counterintuitive. From a Western perspective, and an American viewpoint, impatience is king. We’ve ramped this urgency for everything to previously-unknown heights, and it seems that everyone wants everything – and they want it right NOW!

The explosion of personal debt and the decimation of personal savings are just 2 examples of this impulse toward instant gratification, but there are implications beyond growing credit card debt. This insistence on having everything now and the impatience that fuels it are actually blocking our Good in ways most of us never consider. In addition, we often seek very material representations of our Good instead of looking past it for what we are truly seeking, and setting our intention and focus on that. Here’s an example.

Many people report wanting financial independence and believe that winning the lottery is the only path to it.  If you are someone who wants money at these levels, think about WHY you want that money.”Well, I’d like a new house, and a nice car and to be able to  go on vacation once in a while,” some might say. 

While these are reasonable desires on the physical plane, I encourage going deeper to find out what emotions, or feelings you are seeking to achieve through these acquisitions.

Do you want to prove your worth to someone, perhaps yourself? Do you want to provide a loving central environment so to bring your extended family together and see a new house as the vehicle to achieving this? Maybe you want these things for different reasons. It doesn’t matter WHY you want them, but we need to understand that WHY if we want to move forward into a consciousness that can move us toward them.

Meditation as Wayne Dyer taught in this (and other) books can absolutely bring us what we are seeking,… if we are willing to look past the material list (car, house, money, job, relationship, etc.) and focus on the FEELING we believe these physical items will help to inspire.

Then, along the way toward achieving these personal goals we will find that there are opportunities to practice this infinite patience by seeing, in small moments, the very thing we are seeking in our larger vision.

For example, if we want to be independently wealthy because we could be free from the Monday-through-Friday, boss-controlled work week, we’re not really seeking MONEY; we’re seeking what that money can buy.

For many, this is freedom: freedom to come and go as we please; not having to ASK for a day off, or consider the opportunity cost (what we might need to give up if we want to make a certain purchase or take a job with fewer hours).

Most of us are not yet living at a point where we can put our attention on independent wealth and move from working the 9-to-5 and into a life of leisure at the beach in short order; but all of us have the opportunity to recognize moments of FREEDOM in our daily life.

Do you recognize and celebrate the 3-day weekends that come along every few months? Do you take your vacation days and enjoy the FREEDOM of a day outside your regular routine?

Too often we place our focus on big material goals and entirely miss the many manifestations that show up in our lives every day. I believe this is what Wayne Dyer was teaching when he taught that “infinite patience produces immediate results”.

When we focus on the Good we desire in our lives, and avoid measuring it by the square feet of our house, or the horsepower under our hood; we open ourselves to experiencing it on a small scale. Each time that we recognize, embrace and are grateful to experience freedom, for example, when it shows up in a little way we are being infinitely patient (“this is perfect – thank you!”) and reaping immediate results!

As we acknowledge, affirm and give thanks for these seemingly small wins, the Universe conspires to bring more of the same to us because we live in a responsive Universe. When we get clear on what we want at the most fundamental levels (freedom, security, peace, happiness); spend time in silence (meditation) and then recognize when they show up – the Universe recognizes our vibration of YES! and immediately goes to work to bring more of the same into our experience.

Is it really that simple?

It’s not easy – especially from the typical American mindset – but it is, most definitely, that simple.

(C) 2016 Practitioner’s Path

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