Pay attention to the signs

Flag (cropped)

(C) 2017 Practitioner’s Path

When dangerous riptides arise at the shore, officials erect flags to alert swimmers of the conditions and take appropriate precautions.

If we’re paying attention, the Universe also raises flags when conditions are not in alignment with our highest good.

When we find ourselves in a pickle, we can often look back and see that we walked right past the flag(s) and headlong into the misery at hand.

Sometimes these “flags” are subtle, like a feeling, or catching information that seems to fit into the conversation as it occurs but then a word, phrase or even the tone catches in the web of our consciousness and in a delayed response, we recognize it as being out of harmony or balance.

One of the hardest things about these signs are that unlike the “Dangerous Current” signs placed at the beach; the signs that a person or situation is not in alignment with our highest good can be subtle. Worse, they can often be clouded in circumstances that send the exact opposite message.

It’s hard not to question that nagging feeling we get about someone when everyone around us is singing their praises. It’s difficult to walk away from circumstances that friends and colleagues are touting as the best-thing-ever. And yet this is exactly what we need to do when the Universe is waving a flag that warns us that there are troubled waters ahead if we continue on and into the water.

At the beach, lifeguards might be able to pull us back to shore if we ignore the warning flags and go out too far; but there is also the chance that we can get into serious trouble that will end in injury or even drowning/death. The warning signs we ignore in life away from the beach may result in minor aggravation, real life drama and sometimes even serious trauma. But like the flags that told us before we put 1 toe into the water that the currents were dangerous; we had the opportunity to see and heed the Universe’s warning flags.

Practicing mindfulness; being present in the now-moment and learning to honor the quiet messages and nudges are all ways to ensure that we receive the information that is posted for us along the path of life. And like a day at the beach where Dangerous Current flags are posted: we can enjoy all the other activities and return home safe at the end of the day when we learn how to look for, and become willing to heed, the signs along the way.

(C) 2017 Practitioner's Path

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