Closed doors

Sometimes as we are pursuing our path in life, we come across a series of obstacles. It can be frustrating as we turn a corner, thinking we’re about to make some forward progress just to find a closed door where we were expecting a welcome sign.

(C) 2016 Rebecca Harmon

As I wrote in an earlier blog featuring the flags erected at beaches when there are dangerous riptide currents; it’s a good idea to pay attention to the messages placed in front of us on our life journey.

The tricky part is that all good things require effort, hard work and good, old-fashioned elbow-grease. We don’t manifest our Good out of thin air – we are required to put forth an effort to realize our rewards. But as we place our energy and attention on our goals, we must be willing and able to read the signs, and recognize the messages.

In New Thought, an important aspect of affirmative prayer is the acceptance of our desired outcome happening “in harmony with the highest Good for all“. Sometimes this means that the plan we had in our heads may not unfold exactly as we had hoped. 

Closed doors along the way can mean we’re not ready and need to work more on our project, but they may also indicate that this particular “route” is out of alignment with everyone’s highest Good. This doesn’t mean our dreams are done; it may mean that we need to take a different approach.

The next time you encounter a closed, locked door, ask for wisdom and guidance. Is this just a nudge to keep working (you’re not ready or the timing isn’t right), or is this an indication that you need to come into your Good through a different entrance?

Spend time in quiet meditation, know that you are divinely guided by the Universe and be grateful for the signs and messages along the way that point you in the direction of your Good.

(C) 2017 Practitioner’s Path

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