Prayer Bracelets (craft idea)

It’s easy to remember to pray on Sunday morning, or mid-crisis. What about the rest of the time? Sometimes it seems easy to forget!

In my crafty travels, I came across “wish bracelets” that whip up in minutes, are super affordable and just happen to be a great tool for 5-step or 7-step New Thought prayer models!

It’s not unusual for us to have things on our hearts that seem to need consistent spiritual work. And being human it can be easy to slip back into “woe is me” when the answer to those prayers seem to stall.

It’s also not uncommon to worry that we didn’t do or say it “right” when results aren’t forthcoming according to our timeline.

These little bracelets are a great answer for these and other prayer/spiritual challenges. 

First of all, they’re a wonderful, intentional way to “seed” a prayer by putting our attention on our heart’s desire as we braid and thread beads onto each strand, stating each step of the treatment or prayer as we go.

When we’re done, we tie the bracelet into our wrist and leave it on until it falls off (why we make it with hemp). 

Before it falls off, each time we look down at the 5 or 7 beads we can reconnect with each step of the treatment or prayer that is on our heart. 

Once the hemp weakens and the bracelet comes off, we can let it go, knowing we truly gave it enough of our time, attention; and are ready to release & let it go.

There’s no end to the number of ways this simple crafty idea can be used for Good! Consider using 7 beads as a reminder to hold yourself or someone else up as aligned with and expressions of the 7 qualities of Spirit.

“I am life, I am love, I am light, I am power, I am peace, I am beauty, I am joy!” 

or “S/he is life, s/he is love,…”

However you decide to use them, these little bracelets are a wonderful way to incorporate a spiritual practice of prayer into your every day routine.


Here’s a tutorial for “wish” bracelets – made the same; slightly different intention: all good!

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