Mysterious ways

Purple shoesI am always heartened when people share stories with me about how “this stuff works” and think that real stories – like the ones that Florence Scovel Shinn shared in her books – are the best teachers.

This story is from a close family friend who has been living these principles for a number of years. We all know that there are times of ease and times when things could really go better. This is a story of divine ease.

Earlier this Summer a member of the family was in need of new pair of athletic shoes which can be a pricey acquisition. However, due to their understanding of spiritual principles, this friend put out the need, and let it go (released it), knowing that in divine time their need would be met.

One weekend they saw a coupon for Dick’s Sporting Goods and decided it was a good time to look for shoes, so they went into the store and perused the inventory. They found a shoe they liked, and at a really good price considering the brand of shoe, so they requested to try it on.

The sales person cautioned that the good price was due to the fact that this pair was mismatched: two different sizes.

This friend actually has a congenital issue that makes their left foot 1/2 size larger than their right foot and while some shoes accommodate the slight difference with ease, others must be purchased in 2 different sizes which can be expensive and a little tricky – unless you know spiritual principles, like letting go and knowing that the perfect right shoes will show up in the perfect time, and at the perfect price.

As it turned out, this mismatched, deeply-discounted pair of high-end athletic shoes in a desirable color was a perfect fit for my friend’s feet: the right shoe fit perfectly and the left shoe, 1/2-size larger, fit just right too.

In an earlier blog I wrote about the perfect timing of Spirit as taught by Florence Scovel Shinn who reminded her students that God is always right on time. Here’s another passage from one of Mrs. Shinn’s book, “Power of the Spoken Word“.

I have weapons ye know not of!; I have ways ye know not of! I have channels ye know not of! Mysterious weapons, mysterious ways, mysterious channels! For God works in mysterious ways His wonders to perform.’

The trouble with most people is that they want to know the way and the channels beforehand. They want to tell Supreme Intelligence just how their prayers should be answered. They do not trust the wisdom and ingenuity of God. They pray, giving Infinite Intelligence definite directions how to work, thereby limiting the Holy One of Israel.

When we trust the wisdom and ingenuity of the Divine, mysterious and miraculous wonders show up in our lives in ways we could never imagine.

And so it is.

(C) 2017 Practitioner's Path

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