The Widow and the Oil

Widow and oilIn an earlier blog I wrote about the role of our expectations in receiving our Good and shared the story of the widow whose husband had left her with so much debt that creditors were coming to take her sons as payment. She reaches out to the prophet Elisha for help in her hour of need.

At the core of this story, we find the important role of expectation in life. This is another great story to share with children as it has wonderful biblical imagery combined with an important life wisdom lesson on the importance of our expectations.

A quick recap:

Elisha asks the desperate woman what she has and she tells him – a little oil in a single flask; only enough oil to anoint herself.

Elisha tells her to go borrow as many jars from family and friends and neighbors as she can. She gathers every available empty vessel and Elisha instructs her to pour her oil into the empty containers.

She begins to pour and the little amount of oil she had flows and continues to flow until she has filled every available container.

The empty containers represent our expectations. Her supply met with her expectations.

Many people who are “glass-half-empty” personalities begin this pattern as young children. Teaching our kids to see things from the perspective of Good is the antidote to lifelong negativity. This lesson is a simple one with wonderful imagery to share and plant the seed of expectation as a way to experience more good in life.

As always, these are free to share with attribution to this site.

Peace & blessings.

(C) 2017 Practitioner's Path


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