Shared wisdom

hinged-steel-doorOne of the great joys of my career is seeing former students excelling in their professional roles, taking the seeds that I planted in the college classroom and growing them into tremendous skill sets and careers.

I’m extremely proud of the data management analysts, consultants and others whose early years I had a small part in as their professor, and who now represent some of the brightest and best in Health IT.

This same pride and excitement carries over to students to whom I have taught spiritual principles. Today I had the great privilege of hearing a story that is worth sharing.

One student has been sharing with me that they work with 2 fairly miserable (in attitude) people – one of which is actively unfriendly to my student.  We have talked often about the outcome of giving a lot of energy and attention to things, and so the student created a mantra and mini-visualization to address the two challenging people at work.

“<Person’s name>, I graciously bless you, and release you from my experience.”

Each time one of these individuals came into their mind, they said this (or thought it) and pictured a large, steel door closing and separating them from each other. This can be as short as 30-seconds.

Within 2 weeks of beginning this simple approach, one of the people submitted a 2-week notice and will be leaving the job site, and the other person is now telling people that they are actively seeking another job and won’t be staying there much longer.

My student smiled and went about their work duties, knowing that they were well on the way to creating the peace at work that they desired by using a simple spiritual tool.

Here are a couple important caveats:

  • stay neutral, knowing that this is simply an energetic separation
  • do not give energy to hoping they “learn a lesson” or “get what they deserve
  • once the door closes in your visualization, release it and let it go

When we remember that energy flows where our attention goes, we can effectively use this simple mantra and visualization to see our peaceful separation from whatever or whomever it is that is causing a disturbance in our lives.

I am so thankful for this student’s shared wisdom, and am certain that I will use it.

Now you can too.

(C) 2017 Practitioner's Path

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