The right place


“The place you seek is seeking you, the place you need is needing you. Divine Principle brings need and supply together for mutual good. God wisely, intelligently, and lovingly controls, guides, protects, prospers, and blesses this union of [God’s] idea and this joyous activity, work.”   ~ Mary Baker Eddy

In his quest for understanding, Ernest Holmes studied with many traditions, including Christian Science. He developed the ideas that would become affirmative prayer that is taught and practiced in Centers for Spiritual Living today from his time with the Christian Science tradition and in reading Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy, founder of Christian Science.

As a student of metaphysics, I find that there are pieces of wisdom across cultures, traditions and time. This excerpt from an unpublished letter by Mary Baker Eddy is one such artifact.

Sometimes we can feel as though we’re in the wrong place, doing the wrong work, with the wrong people and for all the wrong reasons. This passage can become an affirmation that helps us see where we are in a new light, whether we are seeking a new direction in our career/work, relationships or life in general.

The place I seek is seeking me. The place I need is needing me. Divine Principle brings need and supply together for mutual good – for me, and for those around me.

And so it is.

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