What comes in the New Year

None of us knows what awaits in 2018. Judging from the news reports and general world happenings, it’ll be a year to remember, if only for how we survive some of the craziness that comes our way.

One way to prepare for whatever it is to come is to get clear on our spiritual foundation; to connect or reconnect with the truth of who we are, and of life.

There’s a lot we can learn and do in times of stress and turmoil. One thing is to join with a supportive community, and what better community than one that shares a common perspective.

In Pittsburgh, a new community is emerging; built as a network of smaller metaphysical groups and businesses. This “Community of Communities” is intended as a network and support system for people of like minds and metaphysical leanings and will provide the kind of connections and support in the metaphysical community that is usually only seen in church communities.

The “anchor” point for this community meets on Sundays at 1pm (starting January 7) in Mt Lebanon. For more information, follow the blog for Spiritual Learning of Pittsburgh or request to join our Facebook group.

Don’t do 2018 alone!

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