Keep outta the how

Mt Lebanon Chr Sc ChurchFor many new sojourners on a spiritual path, the impulse to micromanage what they are seeking from divine alignment is overwhelming. In many cases the micromanaging – or the insistence that their Good needs to show up in a certain way – blocks the arrival or makes the way invisible to them so they never see the way forward.

The best way I have found to teach is by sharing personal examples; my stories, those of my students and others whom I meet along the way. The following is one such story.

In early 2017 I had replaced a portion of the roof that had begun to leak on my older home and paid for it. I knew before the contractor mentioned it that soon, I would need to think about re-pointing the chimneys and replacing the rest of the roof, so his recommendation was not a surprise. It did, however, make me gulp. Paying for an entire roof redo would be pricey, and while I walk in knowing that I am provided, some days its easier to believe that than others (I think we all recognize this).

I said “Yes, I’m planning to do that soon” and thanked him. In my mind I was not sure how that was going to happen, but I knew that I needed to address it sooner than later. I put it out to the Universe to solve. I basically said: “I need some help here with my roof situation,…” and put into practice the affirming that the answer was already being provided to me.

Not long after that I came home from work to find that a large portion from a neighbor’s tree had fallen on to my house. After speaking with our insurance companies, it was evaluated as being my responsibility (that’s how it is with trees – where they land determines whose insurance is paying; not where they originate).

While I did not sustain damage to the entire roof, I knew that it would be most advantageous for me to have the rest of the work done at the same time that the covered repairs were being done, so I took a deep breath and said OK when the contractor made the same suggestion. I got the insurance estimate and the estimate for the larger completed job and then I let it go.

As it turned out, the contractor was very busy and the completion of the work was delayed for almost a year. While some people may think that’s unacceptable, let me explain what happened in that time period.

In late October I wandered into the local Christian Science church as I was curious if they would be open to renting out space in the facility. Across the course of several conversations with them I mentioned that I had been an organist over the years. Long story short (you can read what happened here), I ended up subbing for their organist on Thanksgiving, and then taking over as the interim organist for the next 9 months.

Each month when they paid me, I deposited the money in the bank. This past Sunday, they held their last service (they have closed the local congregation and sold the property).

It just so happens that the work done on my roof was finally completed this month, and I am waiting to see what the insurance will cover, so I can write the check for the rest of the repairs.

I wasn’t looking for a Sunday job, but I did need a new roof and as outlined in the linked story above, an elderly gentleman wanted to spend Thanksgiving with his family and then to retire from his Sunday obligation. All of these needs were known in the Infinite Mind. As metaphysical practitioners (he in Christian Science; me from the Religious Science perspective), we both knew that our needs would be met in divine order, and they were indeed met.

I now have more than enough money in my bank to pay the additional cost of my roof, and I was able to provide the Christian Science church with organist services as they wound down and held their last few months of services. The previous organist was able to retire and move in with his daughter, on the other side of the county, while leaving his friends in good hands with an easy transition to an interim organist – me.

I could not have pulled together this convoluted solution to multiple prayer requests. Neither could the retiring organist, but each of us knows that there is a power for Good in the Universe – greater than we are – that we can use. We put our trust in this power, and let go of the HOW. We stayed focused on knowing that our intentions would bear fruit; that our prayers were already answered – and they were.

It’s a challenge to let go and trust that the process is working. It can feel that we’re stalling the inevitable, or abdicating our responsibilities; but our responsibility – once we speak our word or affirm the Good we are seeking – is to let go, and let God. Along the way, several well-intentioned people advised me to cancel my contract (signed in August of last year) with the roofing company and hire someone else. Others counseled that I should call and raise hell about the delay, but I knew that it was all being handled in divine order, and as has happened with so many other things in my life, it all worked out – not only for my highest good but for the good of several others involved.

If you are seeking more Good in your life – a new roof, a new car, a better job, improved health and wellness – know that your word has been heard and the manifestation of your Good is in motion. Be open to the opportunities that seem to show up in unusual or unexpected ways, and don’t get in a hurry to “fix” things that seem to be taking a circuitous route. Your request has been heard; things are in motion.

All is well – and so it is.

(C) 2018 Practitioner's Path

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