The opposite of what we despise


Positive - Negative

I have a number of passionate and political friends who can tick off a laundry list of what’s wrong with the current resident at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave in Washington, DC. While I don’t disagree with the criticisms, as a student of metaphysics, I know that whatever we give our attention to will expand. Therefore, those of us with this knowledge and perspective have a job to do – and it’s not to post more angry rants on social media.

In a general sense, there are categories of concern around the current occupants of the Executive branch, and I would list these as follows:

  • supports cutting safety nets for seniors and the poor (e.g. food, shelter)
  • supports cutting access to health care
  • in favor of cutting Medicare and Social Security funding
  • encourages divisiveness among culturally diverse peoples
  • openly hostile to immigrants
  • openly anti-Environmental Protection

There’s much more of course, but this is a good place to begin.

We achieve NOTHING if all we do is point to the spectacle and complain. We can do MUCH if we mobilize to fill the needs in our own communities.

We can SUPPORT our local Food Bank organizations. If you’re not already doing so, start today. If you already are, do more & expand your current efforts.

We can open our doors to immigrants by being present in our community at events where diverse people gather to serve, to welcome & not necessarily just to advertise our Centers. We can develop programming that helps fill some need – large or small, depending on our capacity – to address the separateness that is seeping into the chasms between citizens and non-citizens. Simply advertising Sunday services isn’t enough. Get out there and BE the principles of spiritual living – don’t be content to simply talk about them to the same group of listeners who already think like you do.

We can support established organizations that are already performing these tasks. Invite a speaker to a Sunday service to talk about their work in immigrant resettlement; host a mid-week talk on the same thing; dedicate a portion of your tithes and gifts to a specific program related to the issue.

Adopt environmental practices at your Center or Church and go as green as you can. Learn about where to recycle unusual things (like plastic shopping bags, which do not get recycled in the regular trash pickup but are an environmental nightmare); offer an easy drop off for members and visitors and provide transport for things to out of the way recycling receiving zones; invite a local speaker to come and share the issues specific to the environment at a Sunday talk or mid-week event. Walk the talk by using recyclable items in your Center (avoiding things like Keurig K-Cups which are also an environmental disaster – there are several viable alternatives…)

Instead of teaching another old-school, millionaire-sponsored prosperity class hoping to get more members to tithe to you; go out into the community and BE the prosperity you are teaching for a senior center; for a low-income daycare; a Boys & Girls Club – for any community services agency that has a need and recognize that ABUNDANCE is so much more than money.

This past week we voted. Changes are in motion but there’s so much more we can do in our own communities. We have powerful tools; we have deep knowledge. Are we willing to walk the talk of creating a world that works for everyone?

It’s time to put our money where our mouths are – to be the living, breathing presence of the OPPOSITE of what we dislike in our government; to give our energy and attention to that which we desire to expand: compassion, generosity, inclusiveness – knowing that what we focus on will increase.

It’s time to BECOME the change we seek, for ourselves, for our communities, our nation and the world.

(C) 2018 Practitioner's Path


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