Don’t Forget to Ask

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Having studied spirituality through the perspective of multiple teachers, I don’t tend to “dig in” and follow any one teacher or method. I believe that there is wisdom to be found in all the enlightened teachers and teachings. Through the power of the internet, we have the great good fortune to learn from many and use the methods and means that resonate and produce results.

I recently visited a Wayne Dyer YouTube talk, and was reminded of his accessible wisdom. In a classic lecture series that he presented with Deepak Chopra in the 1990s, he shared his method of manifesting, or as the lecture series was titled, “How to Get What You Really, Really, Really, Really Want“.

He describes the method as such:

  • Start with a wish (“I wish I could,…”)
  • Move to desire in that we are willing to ASK (“Please help me to,…”)
  • Set our intention (“I intend to attract this into my life,…”)
  • Get passionate (“I will have this show up for me,…” – hardening of the will)

In many metaphysical corners, speaking your word, making a command upon the Universe and other direct methods are emphasized in teaching affirmative prayer. Asking is often taught as “bad form” if not verboten (depends on the teacher), in large part due to the disdain the spiritual-not-religious crowd often has for the supplicative prayer practiced in traditional religion (sometimes described as begging).

A fan and admirer of Florence Scovel Shinn whose writings are chock full of this same wisdom, I’m loathe to disagree, except; it’s hard to argue with Wayne Dyer’s success.

I’ve written several times about the way I paid for a new roof when I had no available money. I was beginning to feel desperate as I had a significant need, and no earthly idea how I would pay for it, so I absolutely asked. After I received the estimate from the roofing company, I would walk around in my house and say (outloud), ” I need some help here,…

I don’t recall following Wayne Dyer’s entire process consciously, but I certainly had the wish for a new roof; and was willing to ASK. I was in a (financial) position that I had no choice but to keep my focus and intention on the roof being provided and I kept that focus without wavering until it manifested.

The wisdom of this process came to light again recently in an interesting way. I was experiencing a nagging headache that was not going away. It had lingered for more than a day, and I had hoped that after going to bed, it would be gone the next morning.

In the middle of the night, I was roused from my sleep when I heard a voice say:

“You have not because you ask not.”

from James 4:2

I still had my headache, and thought that this was an interesting commentary on the situation. But I was tired of that headache, and it was 3am, so I asked.

I rolled over, fell back asleep and when the alarm went off a few hours later, the headache was gone.

This may seem trivial, but the headache appeared to be more teaching moment than miracle (although I was certainly glad it went away).

I have been working on manifesting a new vehicle for several reasons and with some specific parameters. This middle-of-the-night message, I believe, was all about this vehicle situation.

In the light of day when I finally put this all together, I realized that I needed to ASK for what I wanted in relation to the vehicle.

While I’m no longer SURPRISED when things start to line up for me, it’s still awe-inspiring. Let me be clear that I did NOT receive a call that I had won a brand new car. I did begin to experience a series of small adjustments to things in my life that lined up to move me toward being able to get a new vehicle on the terms I had laid out. Since things are still in motion, I’m going to hold off on sharing all the finite details, but when the dust settles, I’ll lay it all out.

As I’ve shared previously, I study Neville Goddard’s work, who taught that his method works best when our intention is aimed toward a positive outcome for all. This seems to align with the counsel from James in the Christian text:

“You do not have, because you do not ask. You ask and do not receive, because you ask wrongly, to spend it on your passions.”

James 4:2-3

And it was this triangulation of teaching (Dyer, Goddard & biblical wisdom) that caught my attention in this circumstance. My search for a vehicle is not because I simply want a new vehicle, although I am definitely open to having one. The reason I’m even considering this is that if I get a new vehicle, I’ll be able to pass my (paid off) vehicle on to a family member who needs it.

I asked for help in getting a new car – specifying that it needs to be easily afforded within my budget, and that I will enjoy driving it. But the core intent behind the ask was because there is a need in my circle and I knew I could help. The new car ask was not about my “passion” to drive around in a new car, but about doing some good in my circle.

Less than a month ago, although I knew that I wanted to help, I wasn’t sure I could do it financially, with a vehicle I’d be happy to drive. I knew myself enough to know I shouldn’t pass on a vehicle I enjoy driving for a low-cost one that I wouldn’t enjoy. I didn’t want to take on debt that would strain my budget, and at the time, the vehicles I could easily afford weren’t very exciting to me. I knew I needed to avoid creating more stress in my life with an oversized car payment, and I didn’t see how I could meet my requirements for a new car (one I’d be happy with) and take on a new car payment. The math I needed to be comfortable just wasn’t there.

I saw the need, and wanted to help, but didn’t see how I could. I also knew that I had been in a similar circumstance when I needed a roof,…and so I went to work.

One thing I’ve learned is that no one teacher or teaching has the one right answer or method, but I have found that the answer to our deep desires and prayerful needs is always available.

My success in realizing the things I want and need has come from finding teachers and teachings that resonate with me, and then studying those authors and writings. I take care to “read across the curriculum” as my knowledge and skill is strengthened when I read the same core concepts from multiple and different perspectives.

I also make sure to listen to and follow my heart. The methods and means to my Good always show up – and most often NOT in the way I initially envision.

Earlier in my spiritual journey I would have focused on winning a free car in a contest or a big lottery win. Today I know that it doesn’t work that way, and can wait patiently for the Universal Spirit of Good to move people, places and circumstances to line up the answer to my need. And so it is.

(C) 2019 Practitioner's Path

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