Metaphysical Finances

I came to organized metaphysical spirituality with no major life problems, and no great need for healing in any one area. I sought out the organization because I was estranged from the religion of my birth, had experienced some success in using the principles I had read about and was interested in learning about this corner of the religious/spiritual world.

To be sure, since coming into this tradition, I have grown and learned a lot. I have most definitely received great benefit from all my teachers and every subject studied, and will be eternally grateful for the twists of fate that led me here.

I do think that the way I came into this teaching has given me the ability to see things that I may not have been able or willing to see if I had come here with my life in a mess and found my way out of that mess via the teachings. It is that relatively stable entrance into these teachings that gives me, I believe, some unique insights.

Let’s take the issue of money.

I was already prosperous when I first stumbled into a Center. Still, I have learned spiritual abundance principles which have given me a much broader foundation and the ability to take steps that I would have considered unthinkable previously. Again, I am profoundly grateful.

The issue of money that I want to address is the one that I have been confused about since my initial affiliation with metaphysics. People are taught that they should tithe, and know that they are provided. They are offered prosperity classes – sometimes taught by toothy millionaires who assure students that if they hand over 10% of anything they bring in, they’ll prosper.

And while I understand the biblical origins of this claim, I also know it’s not quite that simple; but that’s not the focus of this blog (read more about my opinion on tithing here).

If “this stuff works“, then why is there a need to beg or manipulate people to give, donate or tithe? If individuals are supposed to learn spiritual principles of abundance; if they are to trust and know that they are provided as they write those tithe checks – why don’t ministers and organizations do the same?

Blind adherence to principles without being able to ask critical questions is one of the things people FLEE when they leave traditional religions. Imagine the confusion after initially feeling that they’ve found spiritual honesty, to once again be asked to “do as I say, not as I do“!?

It makes me wildly unhappy when I hear ministers and teachers who want more people to come to their classes and centers fall into a desperate posture of begging, pleading and otherwise haranguing people to give, donate or tithe. You’re taking money from people to teach them to trust the Source,… but every time you open your mouth it is obvious that you do not practice what you preach and teach!

If you DID, you’d go about your business and stop talking all the time about money because you would know that God is the Source and Substance of your supply, period.

Metaphysical spiritual traditions teach prayer that is very intentionally NOT supplication (begging). Students who are new to metaphysics are instructed that the “magic” in these teachings lies in the coming into alignment with Source, and then KNOWING. But too often, anxiety about finances seems to incite a panic and people do the very thing they teach their students NOT to do: they beg.

If I were to provide coaching to someone in this circumstance, I would say the following:

If you’re concerned about money, it’s time to look at your alignment. If abundance isn’t flowing, it’s time for less TALK to others about their money and instead, spend more time on your own INSIDE work – it’s time to work on yourself.

I would also remind them to stay out of the “how”. Too often we see a focus on bringing in money to support a specific person, program or circumstance – and while I know that spiritual Law never leaves us hanging; it also is not a vending machine that hands out exactly that for which we ask. In other words,…sometimes the answer is not what we’re hoping it will be – but that’s a topic for another blog.

If we jump off the top of a building, we’re going to fall because the Law of gravity is ALWAYS in effect.

The universal laws of spiritual abundance are also always in effect. When the finances are not working, it’s time to go back to principle – not to threaten people who ask hard questions, speak truth and hold up the mirror (I would also caution against using threats,…it usually backfires – badly).

Mitch Horowitz, in his forward to Harv Bishop’s book, New Thought (R)evolution wrote the following:

New Thought, in its churches, books, and internal dialogues, has failed to mature.”

This specific money issue is Exhibit A in terms of the failed maturity. We cannot ask people to support organizations where we teach principles that we ourselves are unwilling or unable to demonstrate a faith in, and commitment to.

It’s called integrity, and it’s a critical element in building a successful organization of any kind. It’s also crucial for effective leadership.

As metaphysical organizations, if we’re not willing to walk our talk, we’ll find that people are more than willing to simply walk away, because we’re not the only game in town.

Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra and others have laid the foundation for these principles to be available, literally, everywhere. It’s no longer the case that metaphysical churches and centers hold the keys to this kingdom.

If we can’t show the value proposition of these principles by being living, breathing examples of spiritual abundance; why should anyone trust us to teach the principles to them?

It’s time to walk the talk, or walk away.

(C) 2020 Practitioner's Path