Rebecca (7-2012)

This blog is the documentation of my spiritual journey (for information on my professional journey, check out my LinkedIn page). I’ve named this site “Practitioner’s Path” for a couple reasons. I am a practitioner of many arts & sciences. Mostly, however I am a Practitioner of time and space. More on that later. I am also about to enter formal Professional Practitioner Studies with the Centers for Spiritual Living – a journey I began a number of years ago, and which did not progress forward in a straight line, and that’s OK.

I’ve traveled down many Spiritual paths and gained wisdom and benefit from each. From a childhood and family tradition steeped in mainline Protestantism, to Judaism, Catholicism, New Thought,  the tradition of Spiritualists, and even (briefly!) Evangelical Christianity; I have lived and studied multiple perspectives.

An avid reader, I have also been inspired to study the Hindu traditions and dig deep into the message of the Bhagavad Gita and recently found a wonderful text on the Tao te Ching (sp?).

The wisdom we seek does not exist in a certain building; in one particular book and is not held by any one teacher or community. Many wisdom teachers, writings and texts have shared and continue to teach the Universal truths that we seek. I have decided to add my voice, vision and perspective to this larger body of work, and teach, inspire and uplift fellow travelers I meet along the way.

I believe that we find our sacred Truth when we remain open and continue seeking until we find the teaching(s) whose words speak to us and resonate within our hearts.

As for being a Practitioner of time and space; I’ve seen both (time & space) altered in miraculous ways by the understanding and intentional use of the mind. Meditation, positive thinking and living, and affirmative (scientific) prayer are powerful tools for transformation. If you’re curious about that, follow my blog and stay up to date on my journey to learn more.


And be sure to stop by my website: www.SmarttChick.com!


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