Rebecca (7-2012)

This blog is a part of my spiritual journey (for information on my professional journey, check out my LinkedIn page). I’ve named this site “Practitioner’s Path” as I am a practitioner of many arts & sciences. Mostly, however I am a Practitioner of time and space. More on that later.

To get here I traveled a few religious paths; raised in a traditional Protestant family that was active in church life, I attended Catholic mass for a time when I was in the US Navy, took a brief (BRIEF!) tour through an Evangelical (Christian & Missionary Alliance) church right after my daughter was born (a friend was active there – not something I sought out on my own) and returned for a number of years to the denomination of my childhood. If we still lived in that part of the state, and my family had remained intact, I would probably be in that denomination to this day for the reason that I think many of us are participants in religions: it felt familiar and was a touchstone 3 generations back to people who loved me.

When you move out of an area and have to find a new spiritual home, it allows a greater opportunity to question.

We traveled next to a Lutheran Church which had a wild-eyed evangelical preacher in training (I think he was misplaced in the ELCA) and an unfortunate nest of political activists who thought that the Moral Majority of the 1990’s was both moral and a majority. They were wrong on both fronts. At that point I was so turned off by the changes in the Protestant Church that I began to look elsewhere, and I landed in Judaism.

I converted to Judaism and lived as an active member of our local synagogue, and a practicing Reform Jew for a number of years,…until I began to realize that the things that drove me out of the Protestant Church were alive and well under the yarmulkes at the synagogue. I left Judaism and floated around as an itinerant organist in Protestant churches for about 10 years, but the timing was bad. The 9/11 terrorist attack hit the same year I went back to the church as a staff member and while some of the churches I served were focused on love, others were actively preaching against Islam. I didn’t think that was appropriate, and it was far too political for the non-profit-statused pulpits, in my opinion; so I left again – knowing I would not go back.

I found metaphysics and New Thought in the early 21st century as it came into the mainstream through movies like ‘The Secret’ and Louise Hay’s, ‘You Can Heal Your Life’ and I have benefitted tremendously from what these consciousness teachings have added to my own knowledge base.

I continue to read, study, learn and grow from ancient wisdom and modern-day teachers that have given us so much including Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, Deepak Chopra, and many more. Inspired especially by the teachings and writings of Wayne Dyer and Deepak Chopra I have recently read the Bhagavad Gita and am studying its meaning and interpretation with guidance from a Swamini who is well-versed in the tradition. In addition I am learning the ways of the Spiritualists and participate in local Spiritual Circles a couple times a month.

The wisdom we seek does not exist in a certain building; in one particular book and is not held by any one teacher or community. Many wisdom teachers, writings and texts have shared the Universal truths that we seek.

Keep seeking until you find the teaching whose words speak to you and resonate within your heart, for therein lies your sacred Truth.

As for being a Practitioner of time and space; I’ve seen both (time & space) altered in miraculous ways by the understanding and intentional use of the mind. Meditation, positive thinking and living, and affirmative (scientific) prayer are powerful tools for transformation. If you’re curious about that statement, follow my blog & learn more.


And be sure to stop by my website: www.SmarttChick.com!

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