One Source

Here’s another “demonstration” story from a family member.

This family was getting a bed and a couch from another family member. It was free for the taking, but they needed a trailer to move everything from one house to the other.

They made a few calls and found a trailer that would fit on their hitch, and at a price point that was workable. The estimate was $36. They had about $50 in their checking account until the end of the week and would need gas and some groceries before it was over; but this was the only time that everyone’s schedules lined up, so it needed to happen.

The wife knows these principles and kept knowing that it would all work out. But very often, things “working out” initially take on the appearance of the exact opposite.

When they arrived at the store where they had made the arrangements, there was an issue with the trailer unit they had reserved, and they were directed across town to another location. This made her husband grouchy and cross, but she reminded him that “Spirit has this,…” and that everything would work out.

Unbelievably, the chaos in the second location was even more pronounced than it had been at the first location, and the $36 quote that they had been quoted for the unit they has reserved suddenly went up to $70 before taxes and fees.

This did not appear to be “working out” and any less of a spiritual warrior would have been certain that in their hour of need, they had been abandoned. But this woman is a spiritual warrior of the highest order and she held tight to the knowing that this was going to work out.

They continued to negotiate around the original price quoted to them and the second location finally relented, and charged their credit card for the $36, taxes and fees. They hooked up the trailer, and got on with their retrieval of the gifted couch and bed, grateful for the opportunity.

The next day, the husband received an email from the rental business apologizing for the confusion, the referral to another location and the mix-up in pricing. The email went on to say that the full amount of the rental ($36 plus taxes and fees) had been refunded on their card.

This is a wonderful example of standing firm in the knowing that all is well, when not only wasn’t there a sign that things would work out – but things kept looking WORSE by the minute. Instead of falling into a defeatist posture, and believing that “nothing works out for me,…” the wife stood strong in the knowing that it would all work out; and it did.

As part of the 40-day Abundance Journey, author of The Abundance Book -the late John Randolph Price – wrote 10 statements of principle. The 2nd statement sums this circumstance up nicely:

I lift up my mind and heart to be aware, to be aware, to understand, and to know that the Divine Presence I AM is the Source and Substance of all my Good.

Or as Karen Drucker sings it:

“God is my source. God is my power. God gives me everything I need.
So I give thanks, for all my blessings. God gives me everything I need.”

And so it is.

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A good reminder

“You are never alone or helpless. The force that guides the stars, guides you too.”

Shrii Shrii Anandamurti
TEDx Noosa 2014

In our darkest times, it can feel that we are so very alone. I sometimes see Facebook posts from people who share that they feel unmoored, adrift once their parents pass away, and others who share feelings and experiences of loss and pain.

First of all, Facebook can make the most successful among us start to question our lives – snapshots from others’ seemingly wonderful lives compared to our current struggles can seem like we’re doing it all wrong.

We’re not – it’s an illusion, but as Einstein once said: “[it’s] an illusion, albeit a persistent one!

Sometimes our current circumstances feel hopeless, helpless. And that feeling can be quite persistent! Training ourselves to know this is not the truth when we are NOT feeling the hopelessness/helplessness is the best prevention for those times when things start to degrade.

I remember once when the late Louise Hay – a successful and popular guru of self-help – mentioned that she is able to see things positively about 70% – 80% of the time. I remind myself of this when I slip into those dark places. Even with my education in Consciousness, there are days when it’s hard to put the positive spin on things. Thankfully, I have the tools I need and these periods move on quickly.

One of the tools that I use regularly, and encourage those who seek guidance and support from me to use, is to journal (or simply write down somewhere that you can find again to read). At those times when you are the beneficiary of a miracle, or what metaphysical folks would call a “demonstration” – write down what happened so in later times when things appear to be going downhill, you can recall the many times that things actually worked out.

I like the word demonstration instead of miracle because instead of seeming like a one-in-a-million happenstance; it calls these events what they are: a demonstration of the fact that we are indeed never alone or helpless. And when we’ve used the spiritual tools that are available to know this; good things happen.

While I have had many personal instances where I have been reminded that I am never alone; I was reminded this week of a most profound instance of this. My family lost our 2 year old a few years back (my granddaughter), and the Summer after that loss, her mother had a “visitation“. It came in the form of a beautiful, blue butterfly that landed on her and stayed there with her as she sat on her back porch for more than 20 minutes.

A blue butterfly of the same markings has visited her every summer since. A couple years ago when they had moved into a new house, it arrived, and fluttered around, letting her touch it, and pet its wings. Last year it found them again as they arrived home from running errands. It flew in and out of the family’s legs, let them touch it and get close enough for a photograph.

There are so many lessons in this story: but the most profound one I find is the reminder that there is much more to life than what we’ve been taught to see.

If you struggle with the burdens of life and often feel alone; the statement (above the embedded video and posted below) is one, small – but powerful – tool. Write it down; think about it. Turn your attention away from the problems of the world and spend your time and energy reading, watching videos and discussing with others this concept of unity consciousness.

The YouTube video embedded above is a great talk on Consciousness, but if you don’t have the time or patience to listen to it, here’s the gem from it: a quote from Shrii Shrii Anandamurti – guru to the man speaking (Dada Gunamuktananda).

“You are never alone or helpless. The force that guides the stars, guides you too.”

Ponder this truth instead of focusing on your problems. Reach out when you need help. Know that miracles happen every day and be open to how they show up (it’s often not what we expect). Keep a log of when things DO turn around for you, and read it when things start to go sour. Know that you are always loved; always important – and that you are truly, never alone. And so it is.

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Manifesting 101

Encinitas, CA (2019)

When The Secret came out, I was immediately mesmerized – as were millions. And yet, somehow I knew that the spiritual tools hinted at in that movie were much deeper and more nuanced than wishing for a gold necklace and having it appear on your neck with no effort.

While I have been critical of some aspects of The Secret, it was a gateway to deeper learning for me and for that I am most grateful.

After The Secret came an explosion of metaphysical teachers on the national and international stage teaching the “Law of Attraction” (LOA) and similar content. And the workshops and seminars multiplied – as did the dollars in the bank accounts of many teachers.

I have no issue with anyone offering a product or guidance and charging a fair price, so I am definitely not disparaging all LOA teachers*. I do wonder about the participants who have spent thousands, and sometimes tens of thousands of dollars, to sit in seminar and workshop after seminar and workshop: this stuff isn’t that hard! Learn the basics, and then get up off the workshop seat and get to work!

One of the things that is missed (or left out) in these seminar offerings is that once you learn how to manifest things into your life; it rarely (if ever) shows up as a lottery jackpot or inheritance from a long, lost wealthy relative. It most often takes on the form of what I call “daily bread“. And from what I have observed (I’ve attended a few of these over the years), many of the frequent flyers in the LOA workshops are primarily interested in manifesting a ton of money.

I get it. I would ALSO like to be able to meditate for a few days, chant, speak some affirmations, journal in a fancy book, and have $10 million, $1 million, $100,000 or even $10,000 show up with no additional effort.

Heck – there are days when $100 showing up would be awesome! But in my experience, that’s not how it works at all.

I’ve had some significant success in attracting things into my life that previously seemed impossible, but instead of life-changing lottery winnings; more often than not, I manifest “daily bread“. I use the term “daily bread” to refer to things that I need (or want) that are integral to day to day life.

I’ve written about some of these demonstrations: money for a roofing job; new shoes; a new chair and an under-shelf basket; a retirement pension; and someone to pay my student loans – and many more. All of these experiences began with at least the passing thought that if I “won the lottery“, the situation at hand could be solved. But the lottery never showed up – and that’s likely a blessing – especially since research tells us that the odds of winning are very low and many people who win large lottery winnings end up much worse off just a few years later.

Like many things in life, successful manifesting is a long game. There are no quick fixes, or get-rich-quick techniques. Success requires studying the principles, changing our perspective, practicing the pivot away from old mindsets and toward a new way of being, and finding gratitude in the smallest of wins.

I suspect that a seminar where you could learn how to find the perfect price on a pair of shoes, or an almost-free chair or a part-time job that lasts just long enough to pay off the roof would be hard to pitch. It’s much sexier to have a wealthy (or seemingly wealthy) person stand up and promise that you, too, can have what they have.

But you can have what I have – the tools to attract into your life the things you want, and the things you need when you need them. It’s simple – although not always easy; and you don’t have to spend any money (you can learn a lot on this blog, and it’s free!).

The principles are universal; the lessons are for us all. During this week of celebrating freedom, give yourself the gift of freedom from worry, and freedom from chasing unreasonable goals. Learn the principles of spiritual prosperity, and live a life free from financial anxiety – a life filled with a peace from knowing that what you need will show up; that you are provided – always, and in all ways.

As one of my first teachers liked to say, “This stuff works!

For a primer on how these principles work, start with these blog posts – and if you have any questions, send me an email (I’m happy to share what I have learned).

And so it is.

  • *Blogs on LOA teachers with whom I have taken issue can be found here:
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Always exciting

Southern Homewares SH-10025 Shelf Basket

I never tire of hearing or sharing the stories of how things show up for those who understand Spiritual Law and are willing to be patient. In previous blogs I have written about a pair of shoes that showed up in divine perfect timing (and price!), a flute that appeared for a young musician, a chair for a new house, a tree and a part time job – and many more stories of receiving what I like to call “daily bread“.

When New Thought reemerged in popular culture in the late 1980s and blossomed into the phenomenon known as “The Secret” in the early 2000s, much of the focus was on getting stuff – often in the form of manifesting wealth. Many Law of Attraction (LOA) gurus were launched into fame and fortune by the movie. Some are still around while many others faded into history – some more infamously than others.

While I have experienced plenty of success in attracting jobs and money into my life, I have also learned that the principles of spiritual abundance work best in the area of daily bread, as opposed to winning lottery tickets. I have come to believe that the reason for this is that the Universe keeps a perfect balance sheet. There is indeed, no free lunch in life – whether you’ve learned the art of manifesting, or not. We receive in our lives what we have paid for in mental and spiritual coin.

If we are a miserable person, and see only what’s wrong in life, we are paying – in spiritual and mental coin – to receive more misery. If, however, we choose to see the good in life; the opportunities, the beauty, the peace and plenty – we are paying to receive more of these experiences in our life.

This week my daughter was searching for an under-shelf basket like the one pictured above. A quick search on Amazon for the one she wanted showed that it was $10. She didn’t want to spend $10 for a single basket, but she still wanted one, and so she let go of the desire, and settled into a knowing that she’d get one at the perfect price and in perfect timing.

The next day she was driving home from the pool with her kids when she had the urge to stop in the local thrift store bargain basement. On a table near the front of the store, piled high with castaway household goods, she spied an under-shelf basket – in perfect condition. The price? 40-cents.

This is not the first time she has manifested what she wanted with this “method” and here’s how that works:

  • She lives as much as she can in the knowing that she is provided; or as Charles Fillmore (Unity co-founder) said it:

The inexhaustible Resource of Spirit is equal to every demand.  There is no reality in lack.  Abundance is here and now manifest.

Charles Fillmore
  • She allows her attention to fall on something that she either wants or needs, imagines how it will benefit her or her family, and then she lets it go.
  • She does NOT get hung up on how much it costs, whether she has enough money to buy it, what will happen if she can’t buy it – none of that. She identifies it, sees it as hers in her mind’s eye and let’s it go, knowing that it’s going to show up and not caring where or when.
  • She remains open to the HOW, and listens to her inner guidance. Invariably, the things she and her family need show up.

Spirit’s resources are inexhaustible; it’s we who grow impatient and weary. Spiritual Law is indeed equal to every demand and lack is an illusion – a persistent one at times, but an illusion all the same.

Abundance is always here if we know how to see it. And so it is.

Charles Fillmore
Spiritual law
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Tools for scary times

Today’s headlines inspire unrest

Each day I think that the national news surely can’t get any worse,…and then the nightly news proves me wrong. We are clearly living in tumultuous times, where long-standing norms are being upended left and right. There is a great temptation to consider the possibility of moving overseas, but that’s more complicated than it seems with multiple generations of family to consider.

Mulling over several disturbing news reports that have emerged over the past few weeks, I began to think about what I should be doing about things. Should I be protesting, running for office, setting up a non-profit? What is it that I could or should be doing?

During this time, I’ve also been diving deep into the teachings of Neville Goddard. The intersection of these 2 subjects finally came into focus for me and I realized what my work is to do: I need to keep teaching.

In his most popular lectures, Neville outlines examples where he used spiritual principles to change things for the better in his life. He recounted multiple times how he secured an honorable discharge from the US Army during WWII, as well as securing passage on a transport ship back to the USA from the West Indies within a day when all passage was booked for months ahead.

As I listened to Neville recount his story of the trip back to New York, I recalled a story that Wayne Dyer told about a time he and his wife were trying to fly out of Istanbul (1974). A military incursion had begun to brew and the airport was in full-blown chaos. The political unrest had rendered their airline tickets invalid and there were few alternative options.

In “I Can See Clearly Now” Dyer recounted how, as everyone in the airport was panicked and frightened, he kept his thoughts and his intention laser focused on getting on a plane that morning and flying out of the region. He refused to give into the fear, and held on to the vision of himself and his wife boarding a plane that morning that he says he “stuck like Super Glue” in his imagination. As it turned out, he and his wife were able to get the last 2 seats on a military transport and leave the area. The day they arrived back in the United States, Turkey invaded Cyprus – they had made it out just in time.

One of the most important skills we can learn in these politically unstable times is how to use the spiritual principles taught by Wayne Dyer, Neville Goddard and others that can shift time and space to make seemingly impossible things happen in our favor.

I’ve blogged about things less intense than escaping a war zone, such as finding a part time job when I needed money for a roof; finding an answer to paying my student loans; being in the right place at the right time for someone in need; and more. I know without a shadow of a doubt that this works – and I have seen that the more I study and apply these principles, the more things come together for me in perfect (Divine?) time and space.

Important to consider: the time to learn these skills is not when we’re facing a crisis – but in times of low stress. Learning and practicing on small things, and then expanding our ability to use the tools to larger things builds spiritual muscles. The “muscle memory” we are creating will kick in and work when the stress of a situation or circumstance threatens to throw off our concentration. When we learn and consistently use the principles, we are able to use them no matter what is taking place around us.

If ignoring the news isn’t a likely occurrence for you; you can counter the feelings of terror or helplessness. See these times as a call to arms – as the nudge you needed to inspire you to knuckle down and really learn the spiritual principles that can help you alter time and space when you need it most.

Some recommended resources:

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Extraordinary faith

Practitioner's Path
Woman touches Jesus’ garment and is healed

The Hebrew Scriptures are rich with stories and imagery of a powerful God – the God of Israel. Crafted around the life events of Adam, Eve, Noah and the descendants of Abraham, the man with whom God made the first covenant, these stories highlight the great power of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. This is the God that parted the Red Sea so the Israelites could escape the pursuing Egyptian soldiers; the God who helped a teen slay a giant that had thwarted an entire army; sent food and water to a prophet on the run; closed the mouths of hungry lions and protected 3 young boys from the flames of a furnace and there are many more stories.

Judaism – the religion at the heart of the Hebrew Scriptures – is often seen by those on the outside of it as a religion of Laws. It is in truth, so much more. Traditionally there are 613 commandments, or mitzvot that are to be kept by religious Jews and the Talmud tells us that of those 613 commandments found in the Torah (Bresheit (Genesis), Shemot (Exodus), Vayicra (Leviticus), Bamidbar (Numbers), and Devarim (Deuteronomy)), there are 248 positive ones (do this) and 365 negative ones (don’t do that).

In traditional Christian circles, the connection between the Hebrew Scriptures (what Christians call the Old Testament) and the teachings of Jesus is often described as Jesus coming to “perfect” the Law-based religion of Judaism so that ALL people have an option for salvation. This presumption forgets the teaching within Judaism that the righteous from all nations have a share in the world to come, but that topic is for another blog post on a different day.

The perspective that Jesus came not to condemn the Law of Moses, but to fulfill the Law has as many different interpretations as there are diverse religious streams. But if we look at it through the metaphysical lens, the relationship between the Hebrew Scriptures and the New Testament can take on a balanced and logical perspective – one without a win/lose or right/wrong orientation.

In the early 20th century, Ernest Holmes articulated what other New Thought teachers knew: that there is a Power for Good in the Universe, greater than we are, and that we can use that Power.

From this perspective we can look at the stories in the Hebrew Scriptures as tales that illustrate that great Power through the stories of people like Abraham and Sarah; Isaac and Jacob; Rebecca, Rachel and Leah; Daniel, Hananiah, Mishael and Azariah (also known as Shadrach, Meschach and Abednago), Elijah, Elisha and many others.

The stories of Jesus in the Christian Bible’s New Testament teach about how we can use that Power for Good. There are many stories in both wisdom texts. Today we’ll look at the story of the woman in the crowd from the book of Matthew (New Testament).

The teacher Jesus had begun his ministry in earnest and was drawing great crowds from around the region to hear him talk and teach. He was surrounded by a throng of people one day when a woman who had been sick for many years pushed her way toward him. She could not get his attention, but she pushed on, believing from all she had heard about him that if she could only touch his garment, she would be healed.

20 And, behold, a woman, which was diseased with an issue of blood twelve years, came behind him, and touched the hem of his garment:

21 For she said within herself, If I may but touch his garment, I shall be whole.

22 But Jesus turned him about, and when he saw her, he said, Daughter, be of good comfort; thy faith hath made thee whole. And the woman was made whole from that hour.

Matthew 9:20-22

The lessons from the life and teaching of Jesus repeat this theme throughout the Gospels:

“Be of good comfort – thy faith has made you whole.”

Matthew 9:22

28 And when he was come into the house, the blind men came to him: and Jesus saith unto them, Believe ye that I am able to do this? They said unto him, Yea, Lord.29 Then touched he their eyes, saying, According to your faith be it unto you.

Matthew 9:28-29

The stories of the heroes and heroines of the Hebrew Scriptures weave tales of circumstances where they dealt more closely with God than the more modern people of the Common Era (A.D.) Think of the many stories of prophets hearing God’s voice; Moses on Mt Sinai; the burning bush; the firestorm from the heavens that burned the offering at Mt Carmel, as examples.

The teachings of Jesus built on the Power described so perfectly in the Hebrew Scriptures and laid out a framework for using that Power in a world where the interface with God was more nuanced. Instead of needing a Moses to stretch his arm out over the Red Sea to summon the wind and part the waves; in the New Testament Jesus taught the world that any individual could tap into that same Power and that all it takes is a belief in that power, and as with the woman in the crowd, the faith to accept it.

I suspect that when we hear a booming voice from the clouds or a voice coming out of a burning bush that it’s easier to expect a miracle than when we have to settle for touching the bottom of the robe of the prophet or teacher. That’s what makes the story of the woman in the crowd so extraordinary. She took a brief encounter, blended it with extreme faith and achieved results that had eluded her for more than a decade.

Jesus summed this up later in Matthew:

“…For truly, I say to you, if you have faith like a grain of mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, ‘move from here to there,’ and it will move, and nothing will be impossible for you.”

Matthew 17:20

The synergy between the Hebrew Scriptures and the Christian New Testament comes down to this metaphysical Truth:

  • God is that Power for Good in the Universe, greater than we are,… (documented in detail throughout the Hebrew Scriptures);.
  • and we can use it! (the teachings of Jesus in the Christian New Testament).

If we are willing, we can learn incredible lessons from both the Judaic and Christian perspectives and live lives that are transformed on every level. And so it is.

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Kid’s Sheet for The Sick Woman & Jesus & other Metaphysical Bible Story kids sheets are free to use with attribution

Spiritual copyrights

Contact (Ellie)

It is often said that art mimics life. Across the centuries, from primitive artistic renderings on cave walls to those that grace the frescoes of great cathedrals, life has been depicted at its most basic level, and at its most majestic.

We can construct the truth of life in the earliest periods, long before written language, based on archaeological findings in combination with artistic renderings from the period (e.g. cave drawings). As humankind progressed, art became not only an expression of dreams, but a documentation of life and its many Truths.

Today, art takes on many more forms than sculpture or drawings. Our technological advancements have given rise to art in the form of movies that offer not only beautiful visual representations, but echo profound truths in their underlying messages.

I have written before about the presence of metaphysical teachings in the movies, and a chance re-viewing of an old favorite revealed a new addition to my list of movies that teach powerful metaphysical lessons.

One of my favorite movies, Contact, is based on the book by Carl Sagan. While many have commented on its lesson around the intersection of science, politics and faith; there are deeper Truths hidden in plain view in this powerful story.

One of the most compelling lessons for me in this latest viewing was the lesson around divine right and the perfect balance of the Universe.

In the movie, young scientist Ellie Arroway chose to make finding life beyond Terra Firma (earth) her career focus. This is her dream, her passion; she has put all of her time, energy and focus into this goal.

But a senior scientist – someone with enough connections and power to control her destiny at some level, and someone with a much more limited vision – has his own plans.

David Drumlin is an “expert” in the field, and with years of experience, he feels that he knows what is best. He pulls the plug on Ellie’s team, in essence pulling rank and saying “I am the senior scientist here – I get to decide which direction we’re going.”

Ellie persists because the dream inside of her is bigger than she can contain, and when she and her hard scrabble team of scientists locate what turns out to be a discernible signal from a star system; Drumlin suddenly becomes interested in Ellie’s dream.

The movie shows how he uses his connections, his standing in the community and good old-fashioned manipulation to wrest Ellie’s dream from her and make it his own. While some may think “that’s just politics“, the larger Truth comes a little later.

This Truth – that the Universe keeps perfect records – comes as Drumlin smugly tells Ellie that he wishes that the world was a fair place. If you’ve seen the movie, you know what happens next.

The spiritual Truth taught in this dramatic scene is that no matter how justified we may feel based on our tenure in an organization, our education or experience – we are not excused from Universal, spiritual law. When we steal, takeover, or usurp something that is not ours, we will not find success and in fact, we are destined to fail.

Drumlin’s vision was much smaller than Ellie’s. He could not see what she felt and knew in her heart and he dismissed it out of hand, believing that he knew more – he knew better. After all – he had all the paperwork that indicated he was senior to her in the hierarchy. But the Universe doesn’t care about credentials.

The idea, the strong belief that there was life external to the earth belonged to Ellie. It was hers by right of Divine consciousness. When Drumlin saw that her idea would fit nicely with his ideas for his own career and decided to ride on her coattails and then steal it from her; he was writing the script for his own failure.

Contact is a work of fiction, but like the art that humans have created since the beginning of time, it tells the story of life – of universal Truths.

We are all well-served by examining our own lives and the projects we are involved in. If we are struggling to build something, or grow something and facing challenge after challenge and roadblock after roadblock; we need to examine the energetic fingerprints of the original idea – the spiritual charter.

Was it really ours to mold and make as we choose, or did we steal, finagle, manipulate or bully someone into taking it over and making it ours?

Spiritual Law is absolute. If it is ours, we will find success. If, however; the dream we are pursuing belongs to someone else, we will not find success. The success we saw through the eyes of the original dreamer is not ours by right of Divine consciousness. Understanding this Truth can help us know when to hold ’em, and know when to fold ’em.

Energy is indeed everything. If we had a small, limited vision and someone else had an expansive, growth-oriented vision – and we followed them, hoping they were on to something; we can absolutely find success as long as we remember who birthed the dream, who held the vision. And we must make sure that we are not trying to edge them out and take over the momentum they started for our own purposes – no matter how noble we believe our goals to be.

From the other side of the equation, if we are the person who was wronged, we must remember that the Universe keeps perfect records. The character Ellie in the story Contact provides a perfect model for our next steps in this context. Stay in peace, look for the lesson and know that our dream – our original vision that came from our heart – belongs to us. It is ours to share with the world.

In the same way that I continue to be amazed when my words manifest into form, I am in awe of the perfection of spiritual law as it works to preserve our spiritual copyrights.

I have learned to look hard at things that aren’t working in my life to make sure I have not stolen someone else’s vision; taking care to give credit, support, acknowledgement and room/space to the person who birthed the idea. I also know that I can sit in peace when I have had a dream or vision usurped, assured that my copyright is protected; my vision and dream secure. Balance (2)

Just as water continually seeks the lowest point, the Universe seeks fairness and balance. This I know to be true. And so it is.

(C) 2018 Practitioner's Path