The Patience of Saints

I’m not actively looking for a new job, but when one comes into my awareness that is in my field, offers an increase in pay and has some other benefits (like working remotely), I tend to consider it carefully. Recently just such an opportunity came by.

By Carlo Crivelli (kQHrK8lr0kZGcg) at Google Cultural Institute, Public Domain

I prepared my documents, submitted the required paperwork, and subsequently found out that 2 colleagues and friends had also submitted resumes for the position.

As the weeks rolled by, one of my friends texted me to ask if I had heard anything on the job, and I had not. When she texted me again asking the same thing a week later, I knew that something was up. A few days later, I would find out.

She had been contacted for an interview and wanted me to know from her, and not hear it through the grapevine. I appreciated that! She asked if I was upset, and what I told her was this: “if I didn’t get a call, this isn’t my job, so I can’t be upset about not getting a job that isn’t mine to begin with,…

What I meant is that I strongly believe that what I seek is seeking me. From this perspective, I don’t get crazy invested in things with an “or else” orientation. I know that what is my by divine right, is mine – and no one, no matter what they bring to the table – can take it away from me.

Likewise, I understand that what is NOT mine, doesn’t belong in my life.

Living in this perspective has saved me a lot of angst, misery and unrest. I know that what is meant for my Highest Good, and the Highest Good for others will manifest. If something I reach for doesn’t come to fruition in the way that I want it to, I release it and remain in Peace.

I’ve had some experience forcing things, and it always creates a life lesson that would have been easier to learn through meditation or from a book! One such lesson involved a job that I took because I was certain that there were things I needed to learn and know in a certain construct and that I needed to do this certain job to learn them.

My impatience around this landed me in a job at a location that I knew on Day 1 was a poor fit. It took me some time to move on, but it was an unfolding of my enlightenment (little ‘e’ intentional). I had forced the timeline; gotten insistent about what I wanted and when I wanted it, and most important for me to learn: I had assumed that I alone knew what I needed, and had not listened to the inner guidance that is always available – if we are willing to hear it.

The GOOD NEWS is that, like a formal education in a classroom or internship, I learned a LOT, and eventually bumbled my way into a much better position for me (although it had its lessons for me to learn as well). Fast forward to today, I know like I know like I know: what’s mine by Divine Right cannot be taken, and what’s not mine, is not meant for me – no matter what it looks like “in the world of Caesar” (on the physical plane).

I titled this post “The Patience of Saints” based on some recent reading about St Augustine, who was as much a philosopher about life as he was theologian. When we understand the deep connection we have to Spirit and walk in the knowing that all is well; trusting the guidance that comes in meditation, prayer and solitude – we too can possess the patience of a Saint and live in the peace of knowing that we’re not going to miss out on our Good.

And so it is.

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~ Camille Williams,

When Spiritual Bypassing Meets Racism Meets Gaslighting (LINK)

GASLIGHT - American Poster 6 The term GASLIGHTING comes from this film.

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Concepts and Terms

Word Search-heart.JPGHere’s another set of puzzle activities for children and youth in metaphysical churches and centers.

This one focuses on some common metaphysical concepts and terms. Similar to my first set of puzzles, which featured well-known metaphysical individuals, these puzzles are tailored to 3 age ranges: kindergarten through approximately 3rd grade (depends on reading level and child),  middle elementary grades (solid readers) and older youth (middle school and up).

For the youngest students, the puzzle is narrowly focused on teaching the qualities of Spirit: Life, Love, Light, Power, Peace, Beauty and Joy. There are also COLORING PAGES for an activity that encourages young children to associate themselves with these qualities (stay tuned for a fun holiday activity related to this same topic for K-3 coming closer to December).

For stronger readers able to manage larger words and terms, the full WORD SEARCH and for older students, an accompanying WORKSHEET that encourages not only the recognition of important metaphysical concepts and terms, but an opportunity to dig in a little deeper and learn about each one.

Please feel free to use and share as long as you attribute (give credit) to this blog.


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Our Seat of Power

IKEA chairThis week we welcomed another New Moon and witnessed a rare astronomical event in the solar eclipse. Energetically, it’s a great time to begin something new. I started a new group Abundance Journey on my Facebook Abundance group page and look forward to the bountiful blessings the participants will receive and the news they will share with each other along the way.

I love teaching abundance and prosperity; probably because I have so many experiences day-to-day that I can share and that are real-life, average person and can be understood by anyone. This blog is another of these stories.

My daughter and her family recently bought their first home. With young children and plenty of expenses involved in raising a family, she and her husband plan carefully for major purchases. My daughter received an IKEA catalog in the mail a couple weeks ago, and found a chair that she wanted for her new living room. It retailed for $279 (sale priced $229) which was not in the budget right before back-to-school, but my daughter knows a thing or two.

She admired the chair and marked the page as something she would like for her house, imagining just where she would put it in the living room, and how it would fit in with the other decor, and then went on about her life.

She did not put any energy into how much it cost, that their budget didn’t have room for the purchase or any negative thoughts. She simply desired the chair, admired the chair, pictured it as a part of her living room, and then let it go.

The very next day she wandered into a local thrift store and had a couple small purchases in her hand as she headed to the checkout area. At the front of the store she spied a chair – it looked a lot like the IKEA chair she had been admiring in the catalog, and the sign on it said $15.00

She noticed that there were some stains on the chair so she asked the cashier if they would take $10 for it. The cashier called the store manager, and sure enough – her $10 offer was accepted as the selling price.

My grandchildren helped her load the chair into the van and as they were securing it, my daughter saw the label on the bottom of the chair: this was the exact IKEA chair that she had admired in the catalog!

Chair from heavens

“Lena” in the new IKEA chair

Once they got it home, a once-over with their steam-cleaner made it as good as new. This is exciting, but this is not an unusual occurrence in our family. These kinds of things happen all the time. As a writer and spiritual teacher, I’m blessed to have a never-ending supply of stories to help me illustrate these life-changing principles.

This is a TEXTBOOK example of how to manifest.

  1. put your attention on something that you desire
  2. visualize how it will fit into your life
  3. feel the positive vibes you will get from having this as if its already here
  4. avoid any negative thoughts (like “I can’t afford it” or “this will never happen“)
  5. let it go – knowing that the Universe has Its own time-table AND avenue for delivering your Good

Early into these spiritual practices, it is easy to get caught up in (using this chair scenario as an example) putting our energy and attention on getting the $279 to purchase a brand new IKEA chair; but experienced manifesters know that we must-must-must avoid micromanaging our miracles! We need to practice the Jedi art of allowing.

Wayne Dyer taught that infinite patience produces immediate results (I wrote about that here) and this chair story is about as close to illustrating the raw power of that principle as it gets!

Is there something in your life that you would like, but can’t quite see how you can get it into your life right now? Follow these simple steps and reconnect with your “seat of power“…it’s been yours to use all along.

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Healing defined

letting goWhen initially approaching a holistic or spiritual practice in search of healing, there is often a desire for that healing to be a complete restoration in the situation of concern. This is entirely understandable, but it represents a misunderstanding of the nature of healing.

Healing is sought to restore the circumstance to wholeness: broken relationships, dire financial situations, disease processes, and reduced function after illness or injury are sought to be restored to the previous state or to a state of “perfection” but this allows for only a very narrow healing experience.

True healing is a larger process – one of returning to wholeness, and wholeness comes in many sizes, shapes and formats.

Healing in a relationship that has broken may mean a restoration of the bond between people, or it may mean that the separation facilitates a new respect, understanding and growth of one or more of the parties involved.

Healing in the case of a disease may not mean a return to full function, or even a cure but may come in an acceptance of the self as they are, or the “new normal” that is now a part of their life. There is always spiritual growth and expansion that occurs when we move beyond the more youthful insistence that we get things our way, and open ourselves to a deeper wisdom – the wisdom of acceptance.

Some people find a new voice, while others find new activities. Think about the amazing “Sci-Fi” prosthetics emerging from university research to help amputees continue post-injury or surgery. While no one would choose to lose an arm or a leg, many have found new perspectives on life after their surgery – perspectives they may have never had the chance to explore outside of the incident that left them with an alternate circumstance.

Perhaps instead of a reset to what existed before; healing becomes that space where the new paradigm joins with the peace of acceptance, and a heart that is open to the new path that lies ahead.