Fear & Promises

In my meditation this morning I was reminded of the promises of protection in the Hebrew Scriptures – some of the most profound and direct promises in the biblical canon; and promises that are broad enough to cover many circumstances, and yet specific enough to grant peace.

Psalm 91:4 is a powerful one, and as I shared in an earlier post, inspired me to add it to a photo of a perfect, white feather that had arrived in my driveway one morning.

The 27th chapter of Psalms also has some powerful protection language, and is worth committing to memory for times of distress.

For (God) will hide me in (a holy) shelter in the day of trouble;
(God) will conceal me under the cover of (a holy) tent;
(God) will lift me high upon a rock.

Psalm 27:4

The fear that can inspire an outreach for spiritual support is in many cases, non-specific and the language of the Psalms is helpful in addressing these needs. In addition, an affirmation that reinforces the knowing that “All is Well” can be helpful. Karen Drucker’s song (YouTube video below) is one that puts a wonderful affirmation to music.

Here are the words:

All is well – I can rest – I am safe – All is well. 

Karen Drucker

When affirmations, music and the reading of a scripture verse seem to fall short, a direct Spiritual Mind Treatment (affirmative prayer) may be in order. Here’s one that you can use at anytime when you are feeling the need to take action and speak your word that all is well.

There is One power, One presence; One omnipotent and omnipresent Spirit – the Alpha, Omega; the only, the all. Spirit is the inexhaustible, unlimited Source, ever expressing, in every moment across space and time.

I am one with this infinite Spirit – contained in, a part of and expressing as God in all that I am, and all that I do. As I accept that I am an individualized expression of God and a unique idea in the One Mind, I am always aware that where God is, I am and where I am, God is – no matter the outward appearance.

Right here, right now I make the declaration that I am safe from harm, knowing that God is my shield, and that I am protected under the wings of Spirit. Regardless of what I am facing, I feel calm in the knowing that God hides me in a sacred shelter in time of trouble; concealing me under the cover of holy safety. God lifts me out of danger, and onto high ground – safe from that which rages below. I know that regardless of the circumstance, the appearance of things, the history, or what others may say; I am protected, provided and safe.

I am grateful for this Truth, and as I embrace it I release my word into the Infinite Law, knowing this is already manifest in my life. I know it, I speak it, I let it go – and so it is.

(C) 2019 Practitioner's Path

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An Affirmation

(adapted from Ernest Holmes’ Science of Mind, IV: How to Use It)

I reside in the center of the Divine, a point of God-conscious life, truth and activity. I am always divinely guided in the direction of right action and optimal results.

My words have power; perfect flow and continuous right action is present in my life and my affairs; any/all negative beliefs are immediately neutralized.

Infinite Spirit animates everything that I do, say or think. Divine ideas come to me regularly; they direct and support me without effort. I am continuously guided and compelled to do the right thing at the right time, to say the right word at the right time, to follow the right course with the best motives at all times.

Any suggestion of age, poverty, limitation or unhappiness is eliminated from my thinking. I am happy, well and overflowing with Life. I live in the Spirit of Truth and know that the Spirit of Truth lives in me. My word manifests according to the Law, and there is no unbelief, no doubt, no uncertainty. Every thought of doubt vanishes from my mind – I know the Truth and I am free.

And so it is.

Practicing the pivot (step 4)

Learning to pivot is an acquired skill and one that can serve us well in several areas of our lives. We can learn to pivot away from arguments, pivot away from bad habits and in Joseph Murphy’s Master Key System to Wealth, Step 4 is all about the pivot.

Murphy taught that when thoughts of lack come into our mind we should catch ourselves;  never finish a negative statement about finances. If by chance we’re a little slow in the recognition as we get started on our journey, we can learn to reverse it immediately. I call this the “pivot“.

When we pivot away from a thought or statement of lack around paying a bill or finding the money for an expense, it is important that we replace it immediately with a statement of divine provision.

Here’s his suggestion:

God is my instant and everlasting supply; that bill is paid in divine order.

Murphy explained that when we see something that we desire, instead of thinking how expensive it is, or how it may or may not fit into our current budget that we should become a bit more analytical.

Using what we know about the abundance that is the natural state of the Universe (honed as our default knowledge in steps 1 and 2), he offers this rational reasoning instead:

That car / house / other item is for sale – it is a divine idea, and I accept it in divine order, through divine love.”

Seeing something that we desire as a divine idea, and accepting it as an idea that we can absolutely bring into our experience through divine love removes all thoughts of competition for scarce resources, which is at the core of the belief that is lack.

One of the things we do to ourselves that gets us tangled in the web of lack is to compare what we have in our own current experience with what others have. Facebook, Instagram and other social media outlets make it easy for anyone to take a picture of a frozen dinner dumped onto a nice plate and make it seem like their lives are made up of chef-inspired gourmet meals every night.

We look at the photos, the comments and then at our peanut butter sandwich, pronouncing ourselves as “less than” and lacking.

Prior to seeing the faux gourmet meal on Facebook, that peanut butter sandwich sounded pretty good; but when we looked at what someone else had and made a comparison, we evaluated ourselves as not measuring up.

PivotPhase 2 of the pivot involves stepping back from our immersion on social media until such a time as we can observe others’ lives without comparisons and self-judgment.

Learning to pivot – first from the negative thinking to the knowing that “God is our instant and everlasting supply and that bill/expense is paid in divine order; and secondly pivoting from our near-total immersion in social media to more time in silence and solitude (or at least with some distance from all the faux Hollywood lifestyles) so that our conscious attention to the spiritual truth has a chance to make its way into our subconscious, and automatic thoughts is the 4th and final step in Joseph Murphy’s Master Key System.

It’s worth repeating that Joseph Murphy taught that “…it is impossible for any sincere person to practice this technique and not have all the wealth they want/need all the days of their life.

The 4 steps, condensed into single words for each are as follows:

  1. Recognize (the wealth of the Universe as omnipresent)
  2. Plant (thought seeds of wealth, success, abundance & prosperity)
  3. Affirm (write your story on the template of your subconscious mind)
  4. Pivot (away from negative, focusing on only the positive)

It’s simple – though not easy as it involves moving away from what things LOOK like and believing in a larger spiritual truth.

(C) 2018 Practitioner's Path


Daily attention (step 3)

In continuing the exploration of a spiritual path for bringing more wealth into our lives a la Joseph Murphy, we come to Step 3. This is where we begin to make an investment of our time each day and turn our attention to where we want to be, and not where we are now.

Many of us invest a lot of time and energy each day worrying about bills, complaining about our paychecks, telling others about how unfair life is, how stingy our employers are, etc.

Step 3 of the Joseph Murphy method involves turning away from our tendencies to complain about our financial circumstances and to affirm intentionally that the wealth of the Universe is already ours – that all our needs are met.

In the previous step we learned that jumping right into affirmations that are too far removed from our actual reality can backfire, and create resistance so it is important that we work hard on Steps 1 and 2 and make certain that we are ready for Step 3 – an affirmative prayer that states unequivocally that “God’s wealth flows freely joyously and ceaselessly into our experience”. 

While the time-frame will vary person to person, a good gauge to know when it’s time for Step 3 is when our default is clearly and regularly noticing the abundance that is everywhere; and when we’ve made incorporating words like abundance, prosperity, success and wealth into our early morning and evening mantras without any flinching or excuse-making (“I don’t need that much,…” is an excuse-statement. Be bold in claiming your abundance!)

Step 3 becomes a morning and night affirmation that begins to move more details into our subconscious mind around abundance and prosperity. Here are Joseph Murphy’s words

“I am now writing in my subconscious mind the idea of God’s wealth. God is the Source of my Supply and I know God is the Light Principle within me and I know I’m alive. All my needs are met at every moment of time and point in space. God’s wealth flows freely joyously and ceaselessly into my experience and I give thanks for Gods riches forever circulating in my experience.”

Repeat night and morning and continue the work begun in Steps 1 and 2.

As we move forward, the following graphic is a good check point for where our thinking falls on the prosperity continuum: are we trending toward an abundance consciousness or a scarcity mindset?

Checking in with ourselves on a regular basis is a practice that leads to success.


And then one day we catch ourselves thinking abundantly without really thinking about it, and we know that we’re on our way! And so it is.

(C) 2018 Practitioner's Path

Prayer of protection

Sometimes when in deep despair or turmoil, the standard affirmative prayer can feel a little lacking. I ‘m not saying that affirmative prayer IS lacking, but it has been my experience at times that the standard 5-step (or 6 or 7 step) Spiritual Mind Treatment can feel a little prescribed in times of deepest fear and great despair.

Enter Joseph Murphy. His writings and lectures are filled with demonstrations of prayer that intercedes in a way that not only produced great results time and again, but that feel a little more targeted (to me anyway).Refuge (feather)

If you, like me, feel that there is some room for more “oomph” to the prayers we feel compelled to offer when awoken in the middle of the night with a nagging feeling; or when concerned with the immediate safety and security of a loved one that is far away from us, I offer this (only slightly) edited prayer from the archives of Joseph Murphy.

“(person’s name) is known in Divine Mind. S/he’s in the secret place of the Most High and s/he abides in the shadow of the Almighty. I will say of the Lord – God is (person’s name) refuge and fortress – in God I place my trust. I know with certainty that (person’s name) is surrounded by the sacred circle of God’s eternal love, and the whole armor of God surrounds her/him. S/He is watched over by the overshadowing Presence of God; immunized from harm and filled to overflowing with the Divine!”

Similarly, we can use this prayer for ourselves, as follows:

“I Am known in Divine Mind. I Am in the secret place of the Most High and I abide in the shadow of the Almighty. I will say of the Lord – God is my refuge and fortress – in God I place my trust. I know with certainty that I Am is surrounded by the sacred circle of God’s eternal love, and the whole armor of God surrounds me. I Am watched over by the overshadowing Presence of God; immunized from harm and filled to overflowing with the Divine!”

Whether we are praying for our children, grandchildren, other family or friends – this is a powerful prayer of protection. Use it as often as you need.

Blessings – and so it is.

(C) 2018 Practitioner's Path

Other Spiritual Giants

Joseph_MurphyFor those attending or participating in a New Thought organization today, your learning may or may not include historical references to early New Thought teachers outside of the rock star lineups most commonly celebrated. If you are not routinely being exposed to people beyond Holmes, Troward and Emerson, you owe it to yourself to expand your reading list to include others who were as enlightened, and in many cases as prolific as the aforementioned.

Joseph Murphy is one such enlightened teacher.

According to Penguin/Random House, Joseph Murphy immigrated to the United States from Ireland. You can still hear a hint of his mother tongue in various recordings of his lectures. Murphy was highly educated, having both a PhD and DD and wrote many New Thought books. He is perhaps best known for the New Thought classic, The Power of Your Subconscious Mind (1963).

Joseph was a popular speaker and teacher, and deserves a second look by all who have an interest in metaphysics in the 21st century. His treatise on effective prayer is especially educational as are his lectures on prosperity.

At the very least, we limit ourselves and our growth potential when we claim a purity of ideology or practice. In the worst cases, we can become narrow, intransigent and begin to teach and live from a limited perspective.

Indeed, Ernest Holmes was a talented visionary, but he wasn’t the solitary voice in the chorus that would become New Thought and we do well to read beyond his teachings, even if our churches and centers are not encouraging the same. There is intellectual and spiritual GOLD to be mined and available to us through the wonders of the internet.

In today’s blog post I want to share a golden nugget from Joseph Murphy. I know that you will find it to be the treasure in your life that it has been in mine.

A personal (powerful!) daily affirmation:

“Only divine right action takes place in my life, and whatever I need to know is relayed instantly to me by the Infinite Mind.”

Click here to see/hear the YouTube video with this lecture, where Dr Murphy shares numerous demonstrations of the application of the principles studied by New Thought students and practitioners everywhere.

Joseph Murphy Bio

While we want to celebrate the founders of a movement or a denomination, we must take care not to put blinders on and lock out the many other teachers that have, across the centuries, contributed to the enlightenment of all.

Stay curious. Ask questions. Push back against purists, and if you’re in a group that has blinders on, be willing to take yours off and see the wider Truth that is out there for you to see and to benefit from in every aspect of your life.

And so it is.

(C) 2018 Practitioner's Path

Great Expectations

Oil jarThis morning I spoke on the role we play in demonstrations of Good in our lives. While memorably highlighted by 21st century teachers like Louise Hay and Wayne Dyer, the importance of our expectations is a lesson that Spirit has whispered to us across cultures and throughout the ages.

In the section of the Prophets (Nevi’im) within the Hebrew scriptures in the books of Kings (Melakhim) we are reminded of this in the story of the widow and Elisha (2 Kings 4 in the Christian Bible).

A man – a disciple of Elisha – has died and left his widow and 2 sons indebted. Creditors are coming to take her sons as slaves to settle the debts, and she is desperate for an intervention, so she reaches out to Elisha. He asks her what she has in her possession and she indicates that she has a single oil flask with enough oil to anoint herself and no more.

Elisha instructs her to borrow as many empty oil vessels from family and neighbors as she can. She and her sons gather as many as can be borrowed, and Elisha then instructs her to take the oil in her original vessel and pour it into the empty vessels.

As the story goes, the oil in her original vessel – which she had reported as being only enough for herself for a short period of time – fills each and every vessel that was brought into her home. She is able to sell some of it to pay off her debt; the remaining oil is enough for the widow and her sons to live on.

This is an ancient story of expectation. As each empty vessel was made available to receive the oil, it flowed freely. Once there were no more receptacles available to pour the oil into, it ceased flowing.

As we seek our Good all these centuries later, we too are limited; NOT by the Good that is ours but by the limits we place on the flow of that Good via our expectations.

When we seek more peace, do we expect a little more, or a lot? When we seek expanded prosperity do we pray with words or thoughts like “I don’t need that much – just a little more“.  Do we seek spiritual mind treatment for the arrival of a new relationship just to talk ourselves out of expecting anything wonderful because “statistically-speaking,… I’m more likely to be struck by lightning than get married.”

The critical role of our expectation in life has been taught by many prophets, sages and teachers. We forget -AND- we live in a world where bad news sells, so we’ve been conditioned since childhood to expect the worst.

As we study the principles of the Science of Mind and Spirit, we learn how important it is not to limit principle with our beliefs in lack, or our doubts about whether we “deserve” what we seek. Spiritual abundance is infinite. The capacity to heal is available to all of us, whether for financial circumstances, relationships or the healing of a physical or mental condition.

This week as we look at our lives and identify those areas where we are inviting the Divine in for spiritual growth and support, let’s take inventory of what comes next; what we expect. Do we have a single jar for the oil of plenty or have we lined jars up across the floor to receive?

When we seek the Infinite we must be open to infinite blessings so not to limit the Good that is already ours if we will only expand our capacity to receive.

And so it is.